Auservi Group

Auservi Group

Auservi Group operates successfully in the private security sector with extensive experience in the protection and surveillance of casinos and leisure establishments, hotels, shopping centres, shows and high-profile events, positioning itself as a leading company in the sector.


Recognized by the various state and regional authorities and with several honorary mentions, AUSERVI GROUP is an integral security company, which provides Private Surveillance and Security Services.

In Spain, security services are regulated by Act 23/1992, of 30 July, on Private Security, and by Royal Decree 2364/1994, of 9 December, approving the Private Security Regulations.

The security guards are governed by the aforementioned laws and their subsequent regulatory developments and receive the continuous training and annual refresher courses established by the Home Office, which, after carrying out the required proficiency tests, issues the respective Professional Identification Card (PIC).

We also have a fully professional and experienced operational team, continuously trained to deal with and/or prevent criminal offences or infringements in relation to whatever they are assigned to protect.


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