Nightman Grew

Nightman Grew, S.L.

Located in Barcelona and with an office in IbizaNightman Grew, S.L. has become a leading company in the sector of access control and auxiliary services, thanks to our extensive experience and exemplary internal protocol, which guarantees the credibility, respect and trust of our customers.

We have a technical control team, trained and qualified to carry out our activity in a professional manner, demonstrating our commitment to quality. We stand out for our highly trained staff, our policy and internal protocols for action.
Our employees have the appropriate accreditation, as required by Decree 112/2010, of 31 August, of the Home Office of the Generalitat de Cataluña and Decree 41/2011, of 29 April, of the Department of Innovation, Home Affairs and Justice of the Balearic Island Council.

Our mission is to naturally integrate the service of access control so that it isn’t an obstacle for the normal functioning of our customer’s activity.

One of Nightman Grew, S.L.’s aims is continuous training for its workers, to stay at the cutting edge in the application of the latest techniques in access control.

With a widely recognised experience and professionalism, our staff includes experienced Security Directors, certified Security Advisors, and personnel with courses in protocol and the control of events.

We also have personnel who have been members of the Royal Guard or national security forces.


C/ Calle Escipión, 36-38 bajos – 08023 Barcelona
93 418 91 57
678 63 24 28

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