Our commitment

Our commitment


In recent years, public insecurity and crime rates have soared, making Spain the EU with the highest increase in crime. This situation has created a more vulnerable environment with problems of immigration, juvenile delinquency, marginality and daily violence.

The security and well-being of your business or building is a right and a basic necessity for you, which is why 95% of companies consider having someone to watch over their security.


The quality of Auservi's service is undoubtedly the result of the careful selection of its staff.  Our company's technicians conduct a review of the positions to be filled, assessing the skills and aptitudes necessary in order to ensure the assignment of the most suitable staff for each service.

All Auservi Group Security Officers have the qualifications required by current legislation and follow a continuous training process supervised by our company.

The Personnel department supervises the guards, checking their availability, qualifications and capability at all times. All operational staff undergo technical, physical and psychological aptitude tests.


Auservi Group guarantees the initial training, as well as the mandatory continuous training required by the Private Security Regulations, in Article 56 and Article 57 (amended by Royal Decree 1123/2001, of 19 October).

However, under our own policy, we train our staff both in comprehensive security itself and in quality and customer service factors and matters that require adaptation of job orders to a specific security service.

The practical section includes two annual marksmanship exercises that are organized by the Guardia Civil every six months at the respective firing range.

Previously, the operational staff have received initial training that includes the following areas: legal, technical-professional, instrumental, socio-professional and physical education, and this is certified by means of a diploma issued by the Ministry of the Interior, which is held by all our staff.

Likewise, all staff are also given an initial mandatory course on occupational risk prevention, with a minimum duration of five hours.


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